BSc Education Adaptation Physiology Group

The chair group is involved in BSc education by coordination of and teaching in courses in the first 2 years of the Animal Sciences program, and by coordination of the BSc thesis in the third year.

BSc Courses

In the first year, we coordinate two YAS-courses: 

  • Animal Science Professionals in Society (YAS11803, period 5)
  • Internship (YAS11306, period 6)

In the second year we coordinate and teach the disciplinary courses:

  • Immunology and Thermoregulation (ADP20306, period 2)
  • Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (QVE20306, period 2)
  • Reproduction & Fertility (ADP21803, period 6)
  • Infections and Disorders (ADP22303, period 6)

Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information on the courses provided by our group.

BSc Thesis

In the third year, we coordinate the BSc thesis for BAS students (YAS80312, period 1-2 and period 5-6) and offer BSc thesis options, which have been focused on various topics.

What students say

... I have chosen to do my BSc thesis with ADP because of the combination of literature and laboratory proceedings