Presentations at Next Generation Pig Farming meeting

Published on
January 20, 2023

Members of the Adaptation Physiology group presented their work on behaviour and welfare of pigs on 21 December 2022 to a group of young pig farmers at the Next Generation Pig Farming meeting, organized by the GCAW (Global Coalition for Animal Welfare) in cooperation with NAJK (Nederlands Agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt).

Liesbeth Bolhuis gave an overview of our work on easing the weaning transition in piglets, Inonge Reimert presented our previous and current projects on reducing tail biting in pigs, and Chiara Lipori explained her currently running PhD project on maternal behaviour of sows in free farrowing systems. Finally, Allyson Ipema discussed current and future research in the field of resilience and affective states.