Successful WIAS Annual Conference

Published on
February 20, 2023
On Thursday February 16, 2023 a large group of PhD candidates represented the Adaptation Physiology Group at the WIAS Annual Conference which was organized in De Reehorst in Ede.


PhD Candidates Fleur Veldkamp, Xiaodan Wang and Clémence Orsini contributed with excellent oral presentations. Moreover, PhD Candidates Hao Ye, Lianzhe Shi, Coen van Zyl, Yapin Wang and Dongdong Lu presented their research plans and results in a poster presentation.

Hao Ye with his poster
Hao Ye with his poster

Yapin Wang with her poster
Yapin Wang with her poster

WIAS Publication Prize

Allyson Ipema (Adaptation Physiology Group) and Alejandro Parodi (Animal Production Systems Group) won the WIAS (Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences) 2022 publication prize for their paper in Nature Food: “Principles for the responsible use of farmed insects as livestock feed”.

The paper was written at the end of the multidisciplinary project ‘Assessing the potential of insects to reduce the environmental impact of livestock production and improve livestock health and welfare in concert’. The use of farmed insects as livestock feed is a promising way to make livestock production more sustainable with potentially broad benefits across food systems. It is stated in the paper, however, that a holistic approach is needed to use farmed insects in a responsible and effective manner in livestock production. Seven key principles are proposed to guide a sustainable future use of farmed insects as livestock feed.