Dioxin analysis

Dioxins are extremely toxic chemical substances which can be transmitted from the environment into our food. When consumed, these substances accumulate in the body and are harmful to human health.

Wageningen Food Safety Research is an expert dioxin research centre. We are at the forefront of the development and application of methods indicating the presence of chemical contaminants such as dioxins.

Wageningen Food Safety Research provides:

  • short reporting times (5-10 working days), upon request shorter reporting times can be arranged
  • accurate analyses
  • rapid scale increase
  • analyses in various matrices
  • accredited methods
  • analyses which conform to current EC regulations
  • solid reputation
  • well-educated, experienced personnel
  • advice regarding the possible source or cause and measures to be taken in case of detected contamination

National Reference Laboratory

Wageningen Food Safety Research is the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for the Netherlands and as such is part of an important network including the other European NRLs and the European Union Reference Laboratory. Through this network, Wageningen Food Safety Research is continuously up to date with the latest developments.

Internationally recognised

Wageningen Food Safety Research’s experts are nationally and internationally recognised, and they are frequently invited to give presentations and provide training.

Wageningen Food Safety Research closely monitors the presence of dioxins in foods under the authority of the Dutch government and the business community. In order to guarantee the quality of our analysis, we participate in a large number of comparative tests each year. We consistently receive high marks. We will be happy to send you detailed information regarding our methods on request.

Unique pattern

Occasionally we detect concentrations in excess of the norm, in which case we immediately take action to determine the source of the dioxins to prevent any further spread of the contaminants. We do this by analysing the unique chemical fingerprint of the dioxins, as this pattern is often an indication of the source of the contamination. Wageningen Food Safety Research has rendered an important service in various national and international incidents and crises over the past several years by helping to detect the source of contamination.