Do you know that a lot of ingredients in animal feed or in food can be recognised visually or by using a microscope? Determinator is an expert system that assists in the recognition of an ingredient in feeds or other mixtures. Determinator has been developed by Wageningen Environmental Research and Wageningen Food Safety Research.

Determinator is an example of a category of computer programs that is called Expert systems. These programs organise knowledge (expertise) and provide possibilities to apply this knowledge in a practical way. Expert systems disseminate the results of scientific research to practical applications. Databases as such are not examples of Expert systems, although these systems include some type of databases or datamodels. The key issues are the reorganisation of results into knowledge, and an easy accessibility for users.


Determinator assists the user in determining or identifying an object (pollen grain, plant). A final conclusion is reached by entering answers to questions associated to the objects included in the dataset used. A match is calculated between the object as described by the user and each of the targets included in the chosen dataset. The process of determining an object is supported by the possibilities to browse, filter, select and search the included targets, to give an overview of all illustrations, and to compare two included objects in every combination.

Developing your own documentation

A very useful function is the possibility to develop documentation files of already performed identifications. An extensive help system and a manual is present.


Determinator runs on Windows 7 and higher.

Determinator installation and documentation

The program Determinator need to be downloaded and installed as first step. A manual for installation is available.

Starch assessment