Making urban food production circular

April 7, 2023

This week, a project was launched that focuses on making urban food production circular: 'Circular Urban Food Production, safe by design'. Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR) is the driving force behind the project and the Municipality of Amsterdam is one of the partners.

Recycle 60% household waste

It has been agreed within the EU that by 2030 all member states must recycle at least 60% of their household waste or prepare it for reuse. Most cities are still far from achieving this, so the volume must be increased considerably and the separation between biowaste and residual waste must also be improved. In the project, WFSR, together with various partners, wants to map out the conditions for how urban bio-waste, such as kitchen waste from citizens or leftover food from the catering industry, can be safely reused as a nutrient or soil improver for food production.

Partners project Circular Urban Food Production, safe by design
Partners project Circular Urban Food Production, safe by design

HACCP protocol

To get a good picture of those risks in the field of food safety, critical control points are identified throughout the entire processing chain and a so-called Hazard Analyzes Critical Control Point (HACCP) protocol is developed on the basis of this. In the future, this protocol can be used for the use of bio-waste in food production and relevant monitoring to ensure that all process steps comply with regulations and to guarantee the food safety of the food produced.