KSF3 Vleeskalveren: resultaten van een praktijkpilot

Schreuder, Janneke; Lauwere, Carolien de; Luiken, Roosmarijn; Eijck, Ineke; Bokma-Bakker, Martien; Speksnijder, David; Eijk, Jerine van


Commissioned by the Dutch veal calf sector (SBK) and the ministry of LNV, phase 3 of the study to critical success factors for low antibiotic use in veal calves (KSF Veal Calves) involved a pilot study where five “triangles” of farmer-veterinarian-other advisor of which the veal farm had a high antibiotic use, were coached by an external coach. The aim of the pilot study was to investigate if farmers with high antibiotic use could realize behavioural changes through collaboration of the triangle farmer-veterinarian-advisor, in combination with external coaching and tailor-made interventions which could contribute to the improvement of animal health and thus may result in a reduction in antibiotic use and more prudent use.