Climate resilience

We aim to develop a climate impact risk and opportunity framework for the African continent that supports scalable climate sensitive decision making for production, agri sourcing and investment, and will thus assist farming, trade and sourcing adaptation strategies.  

Agriculture is increasingly under pressure due to the effects of climate change and associated increased weather variability and extreme events. Climate change will have a major impact on production and sourcing of agricultural commodities in Africa, in many of its countries, while farmers, investors and traders seem not ready to adequately respond to the projected impacts. Mapping crop and region-specific climate related risks and opportunities will help understanding changes in risk profiles for farmers, investors, and traders, and provide a starting point for defining adaptation strategies. Through climate-proof sourcing of agricultural products, the Dutch agri-food sector and their partners have an opportunity to make its supply from other countries climate resilient, and learn from adaptation strategies at crop, region and supply chain level.