Functionalized carbohydrates for replacement fossil-based ingredients

Sugar beet pulp is a by-product obtained during the production of sugar from sugar beet and is one of the mostimportant side streams in the Netherlands. Annually, Cosun produces more than one million tonnes sugar beet pulp.

For the total use concept of sugar beet (pulp) the aim of this project is the valorisation and application of the low cost pectin rich side stream from sugar beet pulp. The pectin rich stream will be used for replacement of fossil based ingredients by fossil free ingredients in non-food end products. To enlarge the application of this pectin rich stream as ingredient new application areas will be developed. In addition functionalization of the carbohydrates in order to modify their properties, to meet the desired properties by the (end) users, will be performed.

In this consortium Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, Cosun, Dalli De Klok B.V., Ashland Industries Nederland BV and Smit & Zoon join forces to develop more sustainable solutions for challenges in their own business scope.