Palm trunk starch extraction for production of biobased glues and other products

The objective of this project is to assess how a mobile factory to extract starch from oil palm trunk tops can be developed and how the starch can be used for production of a starch based glue for oil palm veneer production. The starch in the trunks is now lost in the field and non-food applications are a logical avenue as food applications need much more development.

This project brings together the knowledge generated by WFBR and Solidaridad on oil palm, the knowledge on developing a mobile starch extraction factory (Ebbens Engineering), the knowledge on making glues from starch (Intercol Industriële Kleefstoffen) and the local knowledge of Profina veneer company on sourcing and processing oil palm trunks and Solidaridad will provide the knowledge on bringing new sustainability production methods to market and assuring sustainability and social impacts are reached.