Farming systems in Europe rely strongly on the use of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) to secure profitability, yields, and safety in food production. The knowledge on the effects of the wide-scale use of PPPs on humans (and animals) as consumers and residents, and ecosystems is scarce and fragmented.

The overall aim of SPRINT is to develop, test, validate and deliver a Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox for the integrated assessment of the impacts of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) (active substances, metabolites, and mixtures) on humans (consumer, resident, workers), animal husbandry, and on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. This is done by performing harmonised integral field studies at 11 representative countries/crops (case-study sites) in Europe, including the Netherlands. The focus is on the effect and impact of different cropping and crop protection systems (conventional, integrated pest management, organic) on emission, exposure, and health. In addition, cost-benefit analysis and sustainability will be assessed at the farm and macro-economic levels for the different scenarios. SPRINT is based on a multi-actor approach with case-study site platforms to engage stakeholders and identify respective needs, improving farmer and citizen awareness, joint development of novel management strategies for reduced reliance on PPP use, and creation of an enabling environment for adoption and change.