Sharing knowledge and experience: Genetic resources courses by CGN

CGN offers tailor-made courses on the conservation and management of plant genetic resources and related policies. These courses can be organized in Wageningen, the Netherlands, or on-location in your country.

Every year in April, CGN co-ordinates, together with the Centre for Development innovation (CDI) a 3-week-long course on genetic resources (Contemporary approaches to genetic resources conservation and use).

For those unable to spend 3 weeks in Wageningen in the month of April, CGN also offers shorter, tailor-made courses on the conservation and management of genetic resources (including genetic resources policies), either in Wageningen, the Netherlands, or on location elsewhere.

Possible elements of our courses include:

  • Ex situ, in situ, and on-farm management
  • Composition of collections
  • Acquisition
  • Seed handling
  • Characterisation and evaluation
  • Seed storage
  • Seed vitality monitoring and regeneration
  • Molecular tools for genebank management
  • Genebank documentation
  • Management of field collections
  • Phytosanitary issues
  • PGR Policies
  • Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS)
  • Genebank and field visits

In the past, extensive on-location courses were already given for representatives from genebanks, universities, ministries and NGO’s in Rwanda (2014), for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine in Ireland (2017) and various academics and PGR practitioners in Armenia (2019). Also in Wageningen, various tailor-made courses were organized for visiting groups, often consisting of genebank staff of various sizes. If you are interested in exploring the options for a tailor-made genetic resource course for your organization, please contact Theo van Hintum or Martin Brink.