Regeneration of grasses and clover

Seed dormancy

Clover seeds when stored in genebanks sometimes develop hard-seededness due to extreme seed desiccation. The seed coats are cut, to allow germination.


During the vegetative stage, the plants are vernalized in unheated greenhouses during the winter.

Crop phenology

phen grass.jpg


In June or July sowing is carried out manually. Approximately 200 seeds are sown in wooden cases, which are kept outdoors under natural conditions. The seedlings are planted in small pots is September. During the winter these plants are vernalized in unheated greenhouses.


In April at least 50 plants are transplanted to the field plots and spacial isolated in rye fields. The distance between the plots is 50 m. Planting distance is 20 x 20 cm. To prevent lodging, the grasses have to be staked.


In July or August harvesting is carried out manually.

Pest and disease control