Marker technologies

Many different marker technologies have been developed to study variation in the DNA. Here we present an overview of the characteristics of the more commonly used technologies. Row and column heads in the table can be selected, after which more detailed information about the technology or the characteristic is presented.

abundance level of polymorphism locus specificity codominance of alleles reproducibility labor intensity
Allozymes low low yes yes high low
RFLP high medium yes yes high high
Minisatellites medium high no/yes no/yes high high
RAPD high medium no no low low
Microsatellites high high yes yes high low
ISSR medium-high medium no no medium-high low
SSCP low low yes yes medium low-medium
CAPS low low-medium yes yes high low-medium
SCAR low medium yes yes/no high low
AFLP high medium no no/yes high medium
(Table continued)
technical demands operational costs development costs quantity of DNA required amenability to automation
Allozymes low low low - no
RFLP high high medium-high high no
Minisatellites high high medium-high high no
RAPD low low low low yes
Microsatellites low-medium low-medium high low yes
ISSR low-medium low-medium low low yes
SSCP medium low-medium high low no
CAPS low-medium low-medium high low yes
SCAR low low high low yes
AFLP medium medium low medium yes