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Onderwijsactiviteiten - dr.ir. AR (Anita) Linnemann


FQD-80836 MSc Thesis Consumer Technology and Product Use
YSS-81812 BSc Thesis Business Studies
FQD-70424 MSc Internship Food Quality and Design
FQD-80436 MSc Thesis Food Quality and Design
FQD-63303 Product and Process Design - Principles of consumer-oriented food product design
FQD-63403 Product and Process Design - Idea generation and selection of a product concept
FQD-63603 Product and Process Design - Evaluation of scientific reports including an ethical assessment
FQD-31806 Product Properties and Consumer Wishes
FQD-60312 Product and Process Design
YFS-80824 BSc Thesis Food Science and Technology
YFS-60303 Team Project European Masters