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Onderwijsactiviteiten - dr. EC (Edwin) Alblas LLM


ENP-10806 Environmental Policy Instruments

LAW-57306 Agri-Environmental Law and Policy

LAW-22306 - International and EU Environmental Law 

YSS 38206 – Grand Challenges for the Governance of Sustainability Transformations

PAP-32306 - Comparative Public Governance

LAW39206 - Transnational Environmental Law and Regulation


LAW-59703 Essential Law for the Living Environment
PAP-32306 Advanced Comparative Public Governance for Sustainability Transformations
LAW-39206 Transnational Environmental Law and Regulation
LAW-22306 International and EU Environmental Law
LAW-80424 MSc Thesis Law
YSS-38406 Research and Design for Inclusive Transformative Sustainability Governance