dr.ir. EMA (Eric) Smaling

dr.ir. EMA (Eric) Smaling

Externe medewerker

Amsterdam, 18-8-1957.  MSc Soil Science Wageningen (1982), PhD Soil Fertility Management Wageningen (1993).

Soil research in Indonesia, East, Southern and West Africa (Wageningen Environmental Research, 1983-1997)

Professor of soil science (Wageningen) and sustainable agriculture (Twente/ITC) (1998-2012)

Free-lance consultant World Bank, FAO, UNEP, Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation, CGIAR (2004-2012)

Director Development Policy, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) (2011-2012)

Senator (2007-2013) and Member of Lower House (2013-2017) for Socialist Party

Back at Wageningen UR (2017-present)