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Projecten - dr. JW (Hans) van de Vis

  • Coordinator of EU project Optimisation of harvest procedures of farmed fish with respect to quality and welfare FAIR CT97-3127
  • Coordinator of EU Craft project Development of prototype equipment for humane slaughter of farmed fish in industry, StunFishFirst (COOP-CT-2004-512991.
  • Workpackage Leader in the Integrated EU Project SEAFOODplus (FQS-506359)
  • Member of the management team member of the EU Cost Action Network Wellfish (Cost 867)
  • Workpackage leader in the R4SME project Maximus (Grant agreement 286200)
  • Policy advise, linking science and practice to policy in the area of fish welfare
  • Acquisition of projects funded by the European Commission
  • Management of national projects
  • Scientific reviewing of reports and manuscripts for publication in scientific journals
  • Experienced in organising of stakeholder workshops
  • External examinator of PhD theses