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Onderwijsactiviteiten - dr. H (Henk) van As

Magnetic Resonance Spectrosocpy (BIP-33303)

The first aim of the course MR Spectroscopy is to introduce the participants into the basics of magnetic resonance spectroscopic techniques and to apply those techniques to:

  • The determination of a number of physical properties of molecules and systems
  • The structure determination of organic compounds

The second aim is to learn how to integrate the knowledge of MR spectroscopy in applied research projects.

Biophysical Imaging (BIP-32803)

Imaging techniques play an important role in biophysical research. In this intensive practical course the principles of spectroscopic microscopy [CLSM, FLIM, FRET) and NMR imaging [MRI] and ultra-microscopy (atomic force microscopy) is presented. In addition, principles of image processing and analysis, manipulation and interpretation of two- and three dimensional datasets are treated. The techniques will be illustrated by applications on biological processes, structure-function relationship, assembly and complexation of macro-molecules and the determination of the structure of surfaces.
The aim is to gain knowledge of the available imaging techniques for biological systems, enabling the student to choose and use the proper technique in practical biophysical research.

Advances in Magnetic Resonance (BIP-31806)

In this (MSc) course a generalized (k-space) formalism is introduced to analyze and understand diverse classes of modern Time Domain en Spectroscopic NMR and MRI experiments. Applications will be indicated and presented. The course material will be exemplified by using practical examples of both NMR and MRI from the field of molecular life sciences.