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Projecten - I (Iddrisu) Amadu

This PhD project will examine the im/mobilities of nomadic fishers in the West African borderlands in their efforts to keep their mobile lifestyles in the context of a changing climate and socio-political pressures that complicate these mobilities. The focus is on the Fante fishers, who have historically moved around sea and land for fishing and market purposes to respond to the seasonal and spatial distribution of fish stocks. The project will examine the journeys of Fante fishers (often male) and traders (often female) who are pressured to move up north of the West African coast, to ensure sufficient catch per unit in the context of overfishing and rising sea temperatures leading to a northward migration of commonly targeted coastal fish stocks. A focus will be on the ways these journeys are shaped by climatic changes, climate mobility regimes of power (e.g. border patrols), and historical and indigenous cultures and knowledge of moving.