dr.ir. JE (Jouke) Dykstra

dr.ir. JE (Jouke) Dykstra

Universitair hoofddocent

Associate professor electro-interfacial phenomena in porous media-based water technologies
Environmental Technology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

I have a strong interest in physical-chemical water treatment processes for water reuse and drinking water treatment, with a focus on electrochemical, membrane-based, and adsorption technologies. My research is primarily on the development of novel physics-based theory to describe coupled processes in these technologies. I use these theoretical models to identify and overcome process limitations. My key scientific interests include I) ion and electron transport in membranes and porous electrodes, and II) interfacial phenomena in (nano)porous materials.

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Research projects: electrochemical water polishing

Research projects: electro-interfacial of organic molecules in porous media-based water technology


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