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Projecten - dr. J (Judith) van Leeuwen

2023-2026 Horizon Europe Improving the Performance of Marine Governance (PERMAGOV), coordinator

2022-2026 Horizon Europe Source to Seas Zero Pollution 2030 is funded by the European Union to develop a holistic framework towards ending pollution in European seas by 2030 (coordinated by SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine research and innovation at University College Cork)

2018-2023 SSHRC partnership project: the Green Shipping Project; Advancing knowledge and understanding towards the progressive governance of sustainable maritime transport (coordinated by University of British Columbia and Copenhagen Business School)

2016-2021 NWO-UDW ENTIRE: ENabling susTainable Industrial development in Vietnamese delta's: REducing, recycling and multi-sourcing industrial water (coordinated by Environmental Technology Group of Wageningen University)

2010-2013: EU FP 7 Options for Delivering Ecosystem-Based Marine Management (Coordinated by University of Liverpool)