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Projecten - prof.dr.ir. LFM (Leo) Marcelis

Aio Projecten

  • LED lighting in greenhouse horticulture – Photomorphological responses in relation to growth and production (Pavlos Kalaitzoglou)
  • LED lighting in greenhouse horticulture - Photosynthetic acclimation and estimation of carbon fixation (Craig Taylor)
  • Dynamic transitions of leaf photosynthesis in response to changes in light intensity (Elias Kaiser)
  • Healthy fruits by localised LED lights on fruits (Nikos Ntagkas)
  • Unraveling the dual propagation strategy of plants (Faline Plantenga)
  • Abiotic stress in tomato (Alejandro Bustamente)
  • Genetic regulation of the cell cycle in tomato fruit by a network of transcription factors and its modification by growth conditions: a systems biology approach to explain tomato fruit growth and quality (Robert Okello Ongom)
  • The effect of genotype and environment on root exudation (René Kuijken)
  • Improving and quantitative understanding of Light Use Efficiency of greenhouse grown crops (Tao Li; finished 2015)
  • Growth and development in relation to shoot apex temperature in greenhouse crops (Andreas Savvides; finished 2014)