dr. M (Mathilde) Hagens

dr. M (Mathilde) Hagens

Universitair docent (SOC)

I am a biogeochemist focussing on carbon and nutrient cycling in natural environments. Specifically, I study the functioning of both the terrestrial and oceanic carbon sinks in relation to climate change mitigation, with a particular focus on enhanced rock weathering. I currently investigate this topic at the Soil Chemistry chair group at Wageningen University & Research. Here, I lead the research line Soil Carbon Management and Climate Change, which is part of the Soil Science Cluster. I also chaired the organising committee of the Wageningen Soil Conference 2023.

My main research interests include:

  • Carbon cycling in natural environments, and their driving factors;
  • Biogeochemical transformations of carbon and nutrients in both the terrestrial and aquatic environments, and how these two zones are coupled;
  • Comparing model output with in situ data as a tool for understanding carbon and nutrient cycling.

In my Ph.D. and postdoc projects I worked on the impact of biogeochemical processes on the carbonate system in the marine realm, for which I combined collecting field data with numerical modelling.