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Onderwijsactiviteiten - GR (Robbert) Biesbroek PhD

Supervision of BSc and MSc thesis on the topics in the environmental domain, including climate change adaptation, sustainable development, food systems, land use planning, water governance. I am particularly keen in supervising students who want to use theories on public policy, institutional dynamics, policy implementation, boundary spanning policy regimes, policy integration, social mechanisms, and policy change. Please have a look at the PAP education website for concrete thesis topics and examples.


Current Courses:

  • Public Administration and Policy (PAP10306, period 5, course coordinator)
  • Environmental Quality and Governance (ENP35806, period 2 and 5)
  • Analysis of a Problem Field (YSS10906, period 6)
  • Adaptation to Climate Change in the Water Sector (ESS, 34806, period 4)
  • Policy Governance and Law (XTO20306, period 2/3)


Past courses:

  • Management and Policy of Health Sector (MST25306, until 2014)


ENP-35806 Environmental Quality and Governance
PAP-30806 Governance and Policy Change
PAP-32306 Advanced Comparative Public Governance for Sustainability Transformations
PAP-10306 Public Administration and Policy Making
PAP-50803 Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
PAP-50806 Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
PAP-50804 Capita Selecta Public Administration and Policy
WSG-34806 Climate Change Adaptation in Water Management
PAP-80324 MSc Thesis Public Administration and Policy
YSS-38206 Grand Challenges for the Governance of Sustainability Transformations