dr. SC (Sophie) Boerman

dr. SC (Sophie) Boerman

Universitair hoofddocent

Sophie C. Boerman (PhD, University of Amsterdam, 2014) is Associate Professor of Persuasive Communication in the Strategic Communication Group.

Her research addresses how people are influenced by (digital) communication, and how persuasive communication can empower people to make healthy and sustainable decisions. Recent research projects include the potential of greenfluencers to promote pro-environmental behavior; an experiment in Nemo studying which messages can make kids aware of the plastic problem and change their attitudes and behavior (will they choose plastic toys or donate?); the persuasive potential of targeted advertising in stimulating more sustainable clothing consumption; the role of social media and influencers in young adults' acceptance and normalization of cosmetic procedures; and a longitudinal experiment testing which communication strategies can motivate people to protect their privacy online.

Her work received awards from ICA, EAA, ASCoR, and SWOCC. Sophie was a top 5 finalist of the Women in AI Researcher Award 2023, and received a Best Reviewer Award of the International Journal of Advertising in 2022. She published in leading journals such as Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Computers in Human Behavior, Journal of Advertising, and Journal of Interactive Marketing.

Sophie is a board member of the European Advertising Academy (EAA), the Persuasive Communication division of NeFCa and SWOCC. She is a member of ECoLab and expert groups Cosmetic Procedures and Better Personalized Ads 2022.

She is associate editor for International Journal of Advertising, and was associate editor for Journal of Interactive Advertising (2020-2022) and special issue editor for Media and Communication. Sophie also serves (and has served) in the editorial review board of leading journals in (persuasive) communication science: Journal of Communication, Journal of Advertising, and International Journal of Advertising.

Students can also check out her thesis topic: How are healthy and sustainable decisions influenced by (digital) communication?