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Onderwijsactiviteiten - prof. V (Vincenzo) Fogliano

Master of Science in Chemistry at the University of Rome "La Sapienza”.

PhD in Food Science Corvinus University of Budapest  


MCB-33306 Integrated Sensory Science
FQD-78324 MSc Research Practice Food Quality and Design
FQD-21306 Food Packaging and Design
FQD-31806 Product Properties and Consumer Wishes
FQD-33306 Dairy Chemistry and Physics
MCB-30806 Sensory Perception and Consumer Preference
FQD-10306 Business and Consumer Perspectives on Food Quality
FQD-60312 Product and Process Design
YMS-30812 Metropolitan Challenges
FQD-80824 MSc Thesis Consumer Technology and Product Use
FQD-80836 MSc Thesis Consumer Technology and Product Use
FPH-10306 Introduction to Food Technology
FQD-80424 MSc Thesis Food Quality and Design
FQD-37806 Food Flavour Design