WH (Wouter) Hendriks WH (Wouter) Hendriks

Hoogleraar Diervoeding, Dean of Research

Wouter H. Hendriks, Ph.D., holds the chair of Animal Nutrition at the Department of Animal Science of Wageningen University and the chair of Nutrition at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. In his current capacity, he manages and directs active research programs examining aspects of general mammalian and avian nutrition and physiology. His main expertise is focussed in the area of protein nutrition, digestive physiology and comparative nutrition with special interest in companion animals. He is currently an editorial board member of 2 international journals related to animal nutrition and feeds. He received his Ingenieur degree in Animal Nutrition from Wageningen University and his Ph.D. in Monogastric Nutritional Physiology from Massey University in New Zealand.

Since 2019 he became the Dean of Research at Wageningen University, a position which takes 60% of his time. On Wednesday and Thursday he will be in the Atlas building in room B6.13. The office of the Dean of Research can be contacted through