Automatic data processing

We process personal data automatically for some applications. This has various advantages for you and for us: processing data automatically is much faster and less susceptible to errors. Many such processes are obvious: registering for a newsletter, sending a contact request or registering for an event.

In some cases, WUR also uses automatic data processing for other purposes, such as optimising and personalising the correspondence with students choosing a study programme. This is also known as profiling. Possible consequences of profiling might be that you receive another message, based on the town you live in, or on the basis of the pages you visited on our website. Below is an example in diagram form.

automatic data processing WUR

WUR always treats your data with the utmost care, and only processes it (automatically or otherwise) to optimise or make more efficient the services it offers to students choosing a study, interested parties, clients or other business relations. You can read more about this in our privacy & cookie statement. The automated processing of personal data will never be determining for major decisions about, for example, a study or employment relationship, admission to a study or research contracts. Consequently, visiting or not visiting our website, your home town or your IP address have no influence on, for example, admissions or collaborations but serve only to optimise our communication.

You have the right to lodge an objection to the automatic processing of your personal data. To do so, unsubscribe from our emails (use the link at the bottom of our emails), remove your online profile (on this page) or pop into the service desk we set up especially for the purpose; you'll find it in the Forum library (more information about this location. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with