Online meeting tools policy

The information provided on this page applies when using online meeting tools and making recordings.

WUR privacy & information security policy

Wageningen University & Research takes its obligations in the field of data protection very seriously. When using online meeting tools for or with WUR, you declare that you are aware of and agree with the WUR Information Security Policy and Privacy Policy.

Research and educational guidelines for online meeting tools

When using online meeting tools for teaching or research purposes, users should also familiarize themselves with applicable research and educational guidelines.

Recordings in online meeting tools

The following rules apply to the recording of meetings:

  • Recordings can only be made for reporting purposes or for looking back lectures, trainings, workshops or events.
  • Whether or not to record a meeting should always be discussed before starting the meeting, preferably in the invitation. Prior to starting the recording, all participants need to be informed on the recording and the purpose must be made clear.
  • Access to the recordings is limited to those who need access for the agreed purposes. These permissions are controlled by the meeting organizer.

There are specific situations in which WUR does not find it acceptable to use recordings. Recordings should not be made for formal meetings such as performance and development meetings, complaints meetings and disciplinary meetings. Furthermore, meetings that concern (discussions of) special categories of personal data (e.g. medical data or political preferences) should not be recorded.