Privacy statement Customer Relationship Management

Wageningen University & Research uses different applications where personal data of our external relations are processed for customer relationship management (CRM) purposes. The most important systems are Sage CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

On this page, you will find more information on how Wageningen University & Research processes personal data of our external relations for CRM. The general terms of our Privacy & Cookie statement also apply to processing personal data for these purposes.

Processing of personal data for CRM  

In the CRM systems of Wageningen University & Research we store contact details of our existing and new relations, including name, (business) address, sex, contact information such as (business) e-mail address and phone number. In addition, we store information on the nature of the relationship, including details about the organization, position, nature and content of the contact moments (e.g., participation in events) and in some cases, we include a link to a public social media profile of the relation.

These personal data are processed for maintaining the relation and for marketing purposes, such as sending newsletters and contacting the relation for possible new ways of collaborations. Personal data in our CRM systems are stored as long as there is an active relationship. Wageningen University & Research deletes a lead in any event after two years of inactivity, inter alia, if the relation does not open any received e-mails and no website visit or other contact takes place.

Wageningen University & Research processes the personal data of new relations based on data subject’s consent. For existing relations, for example when there is an ongoing collaboration, Wageningen University & Research has a legitimate interest for processing that relation’s personal data for CRM purposes.

Personal data in our CRM systems are shared between some departments within Wageningen University & Research. Only authorised persons have access to these data. The personal data are not shared with others outside Wageningen University & Research or affiliated entities.