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5 year anniversary celebrations Wageningen in'to Languages

Date: 17 January 2019
Location: Forum
Chairman of the day: Claudius van de Vijver


15.00 hrs Doors open
15.35 hrs Opening by Sylvia van der Weerden Head of Wageningen in'to Langages
15.40 hrs Rens Buchwaldt Member of the Board of Directors
15.45 hrs Short interactive presentations by:
Prof.dr. Marc van Oostendorp A good communicator is a better scientist*
Warda Nejjari Accent in context: the effects of (non)-native English accents at work**
17.00 - 18.00 hrs Closing and drinks

* A good communicator is a better scientist

Modern scientists have to be extremely versatile: they have to be able to publish, to teach an international audience, to train PhD students from around the world and to acquire research grants. I argue that the ability to communicate well is central to all these qualities. Based on an overview of research literature, I demonstrate that scientists who invest in their communication skills do not lose time, but boost their careers. Scientists must be able to communicate with their direct colleagues, as well as stakeholders, grant committees, and a wider audience. Young researchers who are capable of doing this tend to have better career prospects.

Marc van Oostendorp, professor of Academic Communication, Radboud in'to Languages

** Accent in context: the effects of native and non-native English accents at work

In this talk we will discuss the effects of native and non-native accents in English in several professional contexts. A fun quiz and solid research will dispel common myths about accents and effective communication. We will answer questions such as:

  • Do people view speakers with a non-native accent in English as less intelligent or less friendly?
  • What effect does having a native or non-native English accent have on the comprehension of speech?
  • What might research on English as a global language contribute to our understanding of effective communication in general?

Our aim is to end the talk with a scientifically-sound perspective on accentedness that will help you reach your individual communication goals.

Warda Nejjari, Communication and Information Sciences lecturer and Sociolinguistics researcher, Radboud University