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Academic skills workshops

Successful academics have one thing in common: they are great communicators. This is why we have devised workshops for academics, revolving around crucial academic skills.

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Effective feedback on (PhD) students’ writing (NL/EN) Correcting students’ texts can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when you are not sure whether they will actually learn from your feedback. But what if there was another way? We will discuss in this workshop some methods to maximise the effect of your feedback on the student's learning process, which may even save you time instead of costing extra effort.

Personal Branding (NL/EN)
What is your academic talent? What is your ambition? How do you distinguish yourself from others? Those who know how to give convincing answers to questions like these can also present themselves more expressively to relevant interested parties and stakeholders within established national and international networks. Being an effective communicator will greatly improve your prospects of developing an interesting research project that matches your ambitions.

Scientific Writing (Only available in English)
In this workshop we’ll discuss the linguistic elements of clear writing, including good paragraph structure, sentence length, concrete vs abstract subjects, nominalisation and general elements of coherency.
Networking: building relationships (NL/EN)
In science, networking is not about distributing business cards and sending standard online invitations. It is about building relations and caring for them. In this training, participants will learn how to be a good ambassador for people in their network, how to keep their network alive and how to expand it. From the right networking attitude and LinkedIn do’s and don’ts to getting referrals.

Diplomacy skills and socialising in English (Only available in English)
Speaking a language fluently entails more than grammatical knowledge, vocabulary and pronunciation. It also calls for diplomatic skills and a culturally appropriate approach to politeness. This workshop covers tools and techniques you can use to get the best out of yourself and others at every meeting, whether you are gathered for a scientific conference or a lunch meeting.