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Basic Dutch 1 (summer course) = fully booked

Are you an international employee or PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research? Would you like to learn Dutch to talk to your colleagues, supervisors, friends or neighbours? What about reading labels in the supermarket, asking a shop assistant where you can find a particular item or carry on a basic conversation with your neighbours? And on top of that, would you like to know about typical aspects of Dutch culture, both within and outside the academic world? Do you have no prior knowledge of the Dutch language? Then our Basic Dutch course is just the thing for you.

Target group

This course is for all international employees and PhD candidates of Wageningen University & Research. External participants are welcome.


Classes take place on the Wageningen University & Research Campus, in the Forum building.


No prior knowledge of Dutch is required. Subjects and situations that will be dealt with during this course include introducing oneself, exchanging personal information, talking to strangers, formal and informal language use, public transport, shopping, paying the bill at a restaurant, making appointments and typical aspects of Dutch culture.

At the end of the course there will be a curriculum-dependent test. If you pass the Basic Dutch 1 exam, you can register for Basic Dutch 2.


    • Number of classes: 10 (1 class each day, during 2 weeks).
    • Self-study: 1 hour a day
    • Language during classes: Dutch
    • Min 8 - max 18 participants

    Dates and times

    The intensive two-weeks summer course Basic Dutch 1 is fully booked.

    Basic Dutch 1 is also offered as a 14-week course starting in January and September.


    Classes take place on the Wageningen University & Research Campus, in the Forum building.

    Course materials

    De Opmaat, ISBN: 978-908-5067238

    • This book is available at the Wageningen University & Research shop in the Forum building.

    Certification and exam

    You receive a Wageningen in’to Languages certificate when you complete the course and pass the exam. If you do not pass the exam, you can take a resit after the course on September 4. The resit costs € 25 and is not included in the course fees.


    € 490

    • Excluding course material and resit.
    • Including exam on the last day of the course.
    • We only accept payment by debit or credit card.


    Prior to registration: If you are unsure whether this course is appropriate for your level and study goals, do not hesitate to contact our Service Centre for a no-obligation appointment with one of our Dutch course advisors.