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English Pronunciation & Fluency 1

Are you a talented BSc/MSc student, PhD candidate, employee or visiting scholar at WUR, with an Asian language background? And do you want to improve your English fluency and pronunciation, including intonation? Are you full of ambition to contribute to the world by achieving your scientific goals, but are your English speaking skills holding you back? Then this is the course for you.

Perhaps you have been asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • How can I make sure other people better understand what I’m saying?
  • How can I make my English intonation sound more natural?
  • How can I improve my articulation in English?
  • How can I feel less stressed communicating in English?
  • How can I focus better while working on my pronunciation & fluency?

English Pronunciation & Fluency 1 will answer these questions by offering you a practical step-by-step approach to improve your speaking skills.

Target Group

This course is for all WUR BSc/MSc students, employees and prospective and current WUR PhD candidates with an Asian Language background and a B2 level of English. External participants are welcome.


English Pronunciation & Fluency 1 is an intensive 4-week course, which allows you to improve your English speaking skills in an effective way. Through a methodical and practical approach we will help you train your pronunciation and fluency skills in class and build your confidence outside the classroom.

During the final lesson you will be fully expressing yourself by presenting academic content (elevator pitches / lectures / research proposals / research results) to your fellow-students. English Pronunciation & Fluency is a real confidence booster!

After completing English Pronunciation & Fluency 1 you can continue on to English Ponunciation & Fluency 2.

Course objectives

Mastering the 3 levels of pronunciation:

1. Sound level

  • Exploring the sound system of English - vowels, semi-vowels, consonants and the schwa-family
  • Activating the speech muscles in the mouth, lips, tongue, jaw, voice and abdominal muscles.
  • Fine tuning articulation by training "articulatory awareness" (locating individual sounds in the mouth)

2. Word level

  • Identifying stressed, unstressed and reduced syllables.
  • Creating natural intonation by highlighting stressed syllables and reducing the unstressed ones.
  • Fluently pronouncing word combinations and word clusters.

2. Sentence level

  • Mastering connected speech by linking and blending sounds (working on intonation and connected speech).
  • Controlling your speed and speaking in chunks (meaningful groups of words).


  • Number of classes: 4 (one class per week of 3 hours each)
  • Self-study: 24 hours (6 hours per week)
  • Min. 8 – max. 10 participants

Dates and time

The sessions take place on Thursday afternoons from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs at the Forum building, starting in February 2019.

Session 1 7 February
Session 2 14 February
Session 3 21 February
Session 4 28 February

The sessions startin in May 2019, take place on Wednesday afternoons from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs at the Forum building.

Session 1 8 May
Session 2 15 May
Session 3 22 May
Session 4 29 May

Course materials

Participants will have access to Blackboard, where they can find the materials they need.

Entry requirements

To be admitted to this course, you need to score at least 60 on the Oxford Online Placement Test (click here to make an appointment) or attain an equivalent score on another international test:  

  • At least 6.5 on the IELTS exam
  • At least grade C on the FCE exam (Cambridge)
  • At least grade C on the CAE exam (Cambridge)
  • At least 80 on the TOEFL exam (internet-based)

We will also accept a diploma of any English-taught Master’s programme at a Dutch university.


Participants must attend 3 out of 4 sessions of the course and fully engage in the lessons to receive a certificate. Those who do not meet the attendance requirements are not entitled to any certification.


€ 340  

We only accept payment by debit or credit card.