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English pronunciation modules

Are you full of ambition to contribute to the world by achieving your (scientific) goals, but are your less than perfect English speaking skills holding you back? Do you want to brush up on your pronunciation without having to follow an entire course? Then the English pronunciation modules are just the thing for you!

Target group

These modules are for all WUR BSc/MSc students, employees and prospective and current WUR PhD candidates who have a B2 level of English. External participants are welcome.


The four English pronunciation & communication modules can be taken as a package or separately.

These modules will allow you to improve your English speaking skills in an effective way. Using a methodical and practical approach, we will help you train your pronunciation, communication and fluency skills in class and build your confidence outside the classroom.

1. Speaking Strategies (awareness and control)          

In this module we work on activating the speech muscles in your mouth, lips, tongue, jaw, voice & abdomen. This module also includes topics such as:

  • Speaking in chunks (meaningful groups of words)
  • Controlling your speed
  • Including the listener
  • Practising sounds (pronouncing vowels & consonants by means of a sound chart)
  • Reducing stress & boosting your confidence

A great first step to improving your English pronunciation & communication.

2. Intonation & Articulation

In this module we work on making your English intonation and articulation more natural. This module includes topics such as:

  • Finetuning articulation by training ‘articulatory awareness’ (locating individual sounds in the mouth)
  • Creating natural intonation by highlighting stressed syllables & reducing the unstressed ones
  • Controlling your speed
  • Including the listener
  • Reducing stress & boosting your confidence

3. Sounding English (word level)                      

In this module we work on improving your ability to express yourself successfully in English. This module includes topics such as:

  • Identifying stressed & unstressed syllables
  • Classifying stressed & unstressed syllables
  • Difficult words
  • Rhythm practice
  • Reducing stress & boosting your confidence

4. Sounding English (sentence level)

In this module we continue to work on improving your ability to fluently express yourself in English. This module includes topics such as:

  • Mastering connected speech by linking sounds
  • Grouping words
  • Questioning
  • Improving your intonation
  • Reducing stress & boosting your confidence


These modules are offered several times a year and require a minimum of four and a maximum of eight participants per workshop to go ahead. Please see below for dates and times.

Workshop Time Date
1. Speaking Strategies (awareness and control) 10:00-12:00 3 July
2. Intonation & Articulation 10:00-12:00 5 July
3. Sounding English (word level) 10:00-12:00 10 July
4. Sounding English (sentence level) 10:00-12:00 12 July

Course materials

Participants will have access to Blackboard, where they can find the materials they need.


Participants must fully engage in the module to receive a certificate.

Entry requirements

New course participants are obliged to take the free Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) to ensure that they are placed in the right course. All aforementioned workshops require an OOPT score of 60.

Please note: your registration cannot be confirmed without a placement test result. Arrange an OOPT appointment through our online calendar.

If you cannot attend your appointment, please call us at +31 (0) 317 48 25 52 or email us at


If you choose to take the modules separately, the fee per module is:

  • Regular fee: € 115
  • WUR: € 115

Should you choose to take all four modules, the fee is:

  • Regular fee: € 415
  • WUR: € 415

We only accept payment by debit or credit card.