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General terms and conditions for group courses

These ‘General terms and conditions for group courses' are applicable to all open registration group courses offered by Wageningen in’to Languages.

1. Registration

1.1 Registration as a course participant is effected by returning the fully completed and signed registration form and paying the course fee.

1.2 The course registration is not final until you have paid the course fee at the Wageningen in’to Languages reception desk. If your employer is paying for the course, we will finalise your registration immediately and send your employer an invoice.

1.3 If test results show that admission to a (follow-up) course is not feasible, the registration will be cancelled.

1.4 Courses will only start if a sufficient number of participants have registered. If the number of registered participants is higher than the number of places available, placement will take place in order of the registrations received. For PhD courses with too many registrations a waiting list will be created.

1.5 You can only register for a course if your visa or residence permit is valid until the end of that course. Being registered for a Dutch course at Wageningen in’to Languages does not entitle you to a visa.

1.6 Taking a course at Wageningen in’to Languages does not make you a student of Wageningen University & Research.

2. Course fees

2.1 Course fees quoted by Wageningen in’to Languages do not include course materials, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Course fees are stated in the most recent information on the relevant course, and shall apply regardless of whether the course participant is aware of this.

2.2  Wageningen in’to Languages has different course fees:

• Regular fee: course participants that are not affiliated to Wageningen University & Research.

• Reduced fee for employees: staff who can prove that they are employed by Wageningen University & Research.

• PhD candidates at Wageningen University & Research.

• International students temporarily studying at Wageningen University & Research through an exchange programme.

• Student fee: students who can prove that they are studying at Wageningen University & Research on a regular, full-time or part-time basis (here-in-after to be called WUR students) and have a valid Proof of Enrolment for the semester in which the course starts. Students from other universities who are at WUR to complete a single study component are not eligible for the reduced fee.

3. Payment obligation and method of payment

3.1    If you pay for an open-registration evening course yourself, you have to pay the invoice at the Wageningen in’to Languages reception desk by debit card (linked to a Dutch account). The registration for the course is only final and valid after payment.

3.2    If the course fee is to be paid by a company, institution or Wageningen UR department, please state this on the online registration form. The full name and address information of this company, institution or department have to be provided. The invoice is sent to this organisation, but the course participant shall remain responsible for the payment being made.

3.3    By registering for a course online, you commit yourself to paying the entire course fee. If the course is cancelled, this course fee will be refunded.

3.4    If you register for a course at such a late stage that you cannot pay the invoice before the start of the course, you have to pay the course fee at the Wageningen in’to Languages reception desk (open from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs) by debit card at your earliest convenience.

3.5    If the course participant fails to pay in time or at all, the ensuing costs, such as those of enforcement, collection and legal representation will be charged to the course participant. Extrajudicial costs are set at a minimum of 15% of the amount due.

3.6 Social Dutch 1 and 2 are offered for free to students who meet the following conditions:

a. Students are asked to pay a 90 euro enrolment fee. General conditions concerning enrolment an payment apply.

b. After completion of the course the student can claim a full 90 euro refund of the course fees. To qualify for this refund, the student must have attended 80% of classes (12 out of 15). In addition, the student must have taken the final test. Any grade for the test will suffice, as long as they take it.

c. Should the student qualify for a refund and should they meet the conditions as described in article 3b of these conditioons, then Wageningen in'to Languages will refund the 90 euro course fee to the student.

4. Cancellation

4.1    If you cancel your registration, you will have to pay an administrative charge of € 50. (Exception: €25 for one-day courses).

4.2    Cancellations need to be done in writing or by e-mail no later than 14 days before the start of the course. The cancellation will be valid from the date on which Wageningen in’to Languages receives your notification.

4.3    If you cancel your registration later than 14 days before the start of the course, you are obliged to pay the entire course fee.

4.4    Under no circumstances will course fees be refunded, except when the course is cancelled by Wageningen in’to Languages (in accordance with section 3.3 of these terms and conditions).

4.5    Wageningen in’to Languages reserves the right to reduce the number of contact hours for a course if fewer than ten people registered for this course.

5. Intellectual property

Materials supplied during the course are intended exclusively for use by course participants. Wageningen in’to Languages course material is copyright of Wageningen in’to Languages. Course participants shall respect copyright protected material. No material or parts of the material may therefore be reproduced and/or transmitted to third parties, in any form or by any means, printed, photocopied, microfilm or otherwise, without prior written permission.

6. Replacement of teacher or trainer

Wageningen in’to Languages is at all times authorised to replace a teacher/trainer by another teacher/trainer, in case of illness or other unavoidable circumstances.

7. Privacy legislation

The privacy regulations of Wageningen University & Research apply.

Wageningen in’to Languages shall treat all personal information as strictly confidential and in accordance with currently applicable privacy legislation. Wageningen in’to Languages is authorised to process personal details obtained from a signed registration form. All personal information collected by Wageningen in’to Languages shall be used exclusively for Wageningen in’to Languages’ own administrative purposes.

8. Complaints procedure

Any complaints will be treated in the strictest confidence by Wageningen in’to Languages. Information about the procedure can be obtained from the secretarial office of Wageningen in’to Languages.

9. Refusal of admittance

In case of default, Wageningen in’to Languages reserves the right to refuse admittance. Default includes failure to pay course fees in time or at all, and breach of order and safety regulations, to which the course participant has committed according to the general terms and conditions.