Light microscope with cooling stage

The Zeiss Axio Scope is an upright light microscope which can be operated with transmitted and reflected light. It can be used for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. The microscope can be equipped with a programmable temperature controlled stage, by which the temperature of the sample can be varied from -25 to 120 oC.

Technical details

Light sources

  • transmitted light: halogen (50 W);
  • reflected light: metal halide (75 W).

Reflector modules

  • fluorescence filter set 38 (exc 470/40 nm, em 525/50 nm);
  • fluorescence filter set 20 (exc 546/12 nm, em 575-640 nm);
  • brightfield reflected light.


  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 20x

PL 10x/23

Axiocam 503 monochromatic

Zen 2.3 lite (blue edition)

Temperature controlled stage (PE120, Linkam)

  • temperature range: -25 – 120 oC (Peltier);
  • control and stability: 0.1 oC;
  • heating/cooling rate: 0.1 – 20 oC/min;
  • sample area 35x32 mm2, 5 mm aperture for transmitted light;
  • programmable (standalone controller).


The Zeiss Axio Scope is a general purpose upright light microscope for materials research applications.