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Taking minutes in English (Only available in English)
This workshop is aimed at secretaries, PA´s and other administrators who are required to write meeting minutes in English. The workshop will deal with some of the language issues that are faced when having to write minutes in English.

Speedreading (NL/EN)
How do you quickly find the relevant information in text? And how do you retain what you have read? In this workhsop on speed reading, you will learn how to organise your reading more efficiently. You will double your reading speed and obtain a better understanding of the essence and the details of texts.

Hospitality English (Only available in English)
Are you the first point of contact for university staff or students and are you increasingly required to speak English in your job? Would you like to do so in a confident and customer-focused manner? In this workshop attention will be devoted to polite greetings, small talk and other general, polite and helpful phrases.
All about Dunglish: A Workshop of Have I You There! (NL/EN)
Dunglish (Dutch English) is the term used to refer to the errors that Dutch people make when speaking English. Various examples of this phenomenon will be discussed during the workshop. You will also receive tips on how to avoid slipping into Dunglish.

Chairing a meeting (NL/EN)
Chairing a meeting or a conference is not something one can readily improvise. Serving as chair places a strong demand on your management nd communication skills. This workshop ensures that processes run smoothly, that the atmosphere remains positive and constructive and that the time is optimally monitored in an inconspicuous manner. Being 'in control' will make your meetings both more interesting and inspiring.