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Presentation workshops

It can be quite a challenge to present clear, engaging and solid research to widely varying audiences. And don't forget that this must be accomplished in as little as twenty, ten or even five minutes. These workshops will help you systematically build the skills necessary to get the best out of every story, whether your content will be presented online, in front of the video camera or in a lecture.

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The perfect pitch (NL/EN)
You know your idea, project or research inside and out. But can you get your point across in less than three minutes? To pitch it effectively to others you need to look at the big picture and understand your message through someone else’s eyes. This workshop is designed to provide you with the skills, techniques and strategies to deliver your pitch in the most effective and inspiring way.

Grant winning presentations (NL/EN)
Congratulations! You’re invited to defend your research project to a committee. In this workshop we will work on your presentation and interview. After making an outline, we will cover time management and highlight the important parts that you want to impress upon the committee. We sharpen your presentation skills, covering how to make contact with your audience, your posture, your voice and your non-verbal communication. This workshop will be highly pragmatic and purpose-oriented.

(Web)lecturing in English (EN)
Lecturing in English entails more than having a good command of the language, and the same can be said for this module. As a lecturer, you employ diverse methods, develop assignments and provide feedback. You also stand in front of the video camera. How can you optimally utilise these moments? And how do you deal with the differing language levels of your students? This module is very useful for anyone who is looking to professionalise their English-language education.
Storytelling for academics (EN)
Stories are timeless. A story brings a message to life and stays with people. It shapes, provides direction, and inspires. This is what makes storytelling so valuable in a variety of situations: during a presentation, speech, lecture, interview, online, or on paper. How does storytelling work? This is exactly what you will learn in this fascinating workshop.

Poster presentations (NL/EN)
A poster presentation gives you the opportunity not only to disseminate your research, but also to share ideas and establish discussion with other researchers, to receive valuable input, and to create professional contacts. During this workshop you will learn how to create interaction with each member of the audience so that all benefit. You will understand the basics about designing your poster in such a way that the audience is attracted and you will know how to 'pitch' your ideas in interaction rather than give a presentation.