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Speakers of EUCARPIA Biometrics

Keynote speaker
Peter Visscher Centre for Neurogenetics & Statistical Genomics, University of Queensland (Australia) Combinining genetic and epigenetic data to predict phenotypes in human populations.

Invited Speakers
Neil Hausmann Dupont Pioneer (United States) Future Breeding Systems: view from DuPont Pioneer
John Hickey University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) Next generation breeding – allocating resources and harnessing technologies
Alison Smith University of Wollongong (Australia) Experimental designs in plant breeding
Emma Huang CSIRO Computational Informatics and the Food Futures National Research Flagship (Australia) Multiple Parent Populations
Jens Riis-Jacobsen CIMMYT Genetic Resources

Confirmed Speakers
Andres Gordillo KWS TBA
Hans Peter Piepho Biostatistics Unit, Universität Hohenheim The generation of efficient row-column designs for field trials
Luc Janss Aarhus University TBA
Dave Marshall The James Hutton Institute TBA
Marco van Schriek Keygene TBA