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Wageningen in'to Languages anniversary!

This year we'll be celebrating our lustrum anniversary, and we would like to celebrate with you!

Presenting: the #intobag!
Everyone who takes a course with us in 2018 will receive a unique bag as a present. You might just win a prize with it, too!
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Wageningen in'to Languages on tour!
Have you always wanted to learn how to speak some Chinese? Are you curious as to which mistakes are typically made by Dutch people when they use English? Now’s the chance! Wageningen in’to Languages is giving away one workshop per Sciences Group/department in a raffle. Have a go at trying to win the workshop for you and your colleagues!
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Wageningen in'to Languages is buying!
This will remain a surprise just yet, but keep an eye on this page!

Wageningen in'to Languages championship!
This fall, we will organise a fun competition for our course participants. We will provide more information after the summer break.