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Writing workshops

The entire research conversation transpires via journal articles. What makes an article worthy of publication? How can ideas best be paired with language? How do you ensure that the essence of your ideas is translated without oversimplifying the complexity of your research? And how do you help others with this same process? These workshops help you and your research group achieve the relevant writing goals.

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Writing policy texts (NL/EN)
How do you write policy texts that read well and are concise and convincing? In this tailor-made training programme, you will conduct targeted work on your own policy documents: from the first assignment to the final version. You will receive specific feedback and recommendations, which will show you how to take your policy memos to the next level.

Writing effective business texts (NL/EN)
This workshop will teach you the genre-independent basics of professional and business writing. You will receive tips and acquire skills that you will immediately be able to apply to any type of text, from advisory report to press release to letter. The result: clear, effective texts.

Writing service-oriented e-mails (NL/EN)
Hi or Dear? A well-written, reader-oriented e-mail confirms your team's professional and service-oriented image. But how do you go about this? This workshop will be based on your own texts. We will analyse the content, structure and style of your e-mails and explore alternatives to express exactly what you want to convey.
Opfrisworkshop spelling en grammatica (only available in Dutch)
Hun of hen? U hebt of u heeft? Iedereen twijfelt wel eens over de juiste spelling, het gebruik van een woord of de constructie van een zin. Wie het liever zeker weet, gaat veel plezier beleven aan de Opfrisworkshop Nederlandse spelling en grammatica.

Writing web texts (NL/EN)
Writing for the web requires a very particular skill set. Web texts must not only be scannable, short and clear, they should also be written in such a way that search engines can find them. This tailored training course will teach you to write content that directly appeals to your target group and is both activating and attractive.