Reporter-gene assays for antivirulence therapy  


The growing problem of antimicrobial resistance requires the urgent need of novel theraupetics with lower potential for resistance development. Anti-virulence therapy has been considered as a promising approach, as anti-virulence therapeutics are expected to present lower selective pressure to bacteria compared to conventional antimicrobials such as antibiotics and to bactericidal therapeutics. However, most of the available methods for antimicrobial drug discovery are not suitable for anti-virulence therapeutics discovery. To address this void, we would like to develop reporter-gene assays for antivirulence theraupetics focusing on reporter gene assays for two-component systems (TCS) inhibition. As the triggering signals for many of the TCS are not known, the developed reporter-gene assays will have an impact not only in drug discovery but also in fundamental microbiology to elucidate the triggers of TCS signalling.


Design and development of reporter-gene assays for TCS inhibitors.


Molecular biology

Aseptic work


Nadya Velikova,