AIO Modellering gevolgen van landgebruik en -beheer voor ESD

This project contributes to Ecosystem & Landscape Services (SELS) by answering the question: how to improve surveying, quantifying and modeling SELS?

The goal is to develop a conceptual model for assessing the effect of land use management on ecosystem services and build and apply the model on landscape scale.


The result of this project are scientific articles and a PhD thesis.

Timeline approach

Activities are:

  • Further develop and integrate ecosystem service models
  • Refine relationships between land management and service provisioning
  • Apply the models in the Baviaanskloof River Basin in South Africa (PRESENCE project)
  • Publish the results of the South-African case in a scientific journal
  • Connect the different ecosystem service models to each other
  • Integration into the global IMAGE-GLOBIO framework to link local land management to global changes.