Access and Equity in Higher Education: Policy and Practice

This proposed PhD study will aims to provide insight in access and equity in higher education in general and more particular at the university, including intended (policy documents in government & university level), implemented (input, process and output) and attained (student perception & statistic result) in form of both consepts. The implemented level will be defined by three stages. First, input stage will include application & enrollment. Second, process stage will cover teaching practices, learning environments student support. Third, output will cover graduation & drop out student.

The study will be set up as multiple case studies that include quantitative and qualitative data, such as interviews with relevant stakeholders such as government & university policymakers, student management officers, teachers and students. Quantitative data will include questionnaires among students and statistic data regarding access and equity in higher education. The research will benefit the policy maker, the university manager (especially the student admission office) and the teacher. The results of the study will be used to define the gap between policy and practice (in term of access & equity in higher education) and to formulate recommendations for these different groups of actors.

Project team