BIS 2014 Management

The supply of data on the subsurface of the Netherlands is weak while soil data is in the top five for being used most by the goverment. This concerns mostly soil data from the Soil Information System (BIS) which is managed by Wageningen UR (Alterra).

This system contains information on Dutch soil, which has been systematically collected and altered from the sixties untill now. The data present at BIS are collected on behalf of the Ministry EL & I  and used to develop scenarios for sustainable soil and groundwaterusage and to calculate the effects of influences on soil and groundwater. The effects of changes in European, national or regional legislation can only be estimated if the correct data is sufficiently available.

This project provides for the update, innovation and expansion of the database to share problems with tailored, efficient methods. These kinds of methods for the Dutch situation will partly still have to be developed. In addition to the management and maintenance condition of the BIS more work has to go into the contact with the users so that the information in the database can be optimally tailored to their needs. Important points are the quality , the timeliness and the scale of the data and the opaque nature of the land data.