Beyond Fair Trade, Transnational entrepreneurship and partnerships with African Diaspora

Africa In Motion (AIM), a self-organisation of African Diaspora asked the Science Shop to do an action research on the enabling environment for transnational social enterprises and partnerships initiated by African Diaspora, that aim to construct new relationships that go beyond fair trade.

African Diaspora involved in AIM question the fairness of Fair Trade products. To illustrate, they wish that more added value is generated in the cocoa and coffee producing countries in Africa.

African Diaspora are engaged in their home countries, not as transnational aid workers but as a form of rights-based participation of African Diaspora. In practice AIM functions as a broker to connect African Diaspora in the Netherlands with African and Dutch social entrepreneurs.

The Science Shop will do a research on the perspectives of African Diaspora on Fair Trade, and on how transnational social entrepreneurships emerge with the involvement of African Diaspora, and in which ways they challenge the hegemonic interpretation of ‘fair trade’ and what are the constrains to do so. The examples of transnational social entrepreneurship studied are in the coffee and cocoa sector, and in the health care sector.