Browning the green revolution: Bringing climate smart agriculture and food security together through the use of compost

Helping Soil&More International with the effects of compost use and with practical guidelines on compost use.

Objectives of the project

  • Support Soil&More International with scientific information on short and long term effects of compost application and practical guidelines on application methods, timing, blending with chemical fertilizers, etc. Thereby the project contributes to the position of Soil&More International.
  • Support policy makers with quantified data on the potential of compost as measure for carbon sequestration and improving the productive capacity of the soil.


  • Review report on compost composition, management and behaviour in the soil.
  • Running experiments and experimental protocols (this activity should continue in 2013 as mineralization measurements generally last more than one season).
  • All the above mentioned outputs will be reported together as the final report
  • Presentation Soil & more
  • Presentation: Browning the green revolution