Butchers and sustainability

In recent years Dutch butchers are introducing more and more products from in between organic and conventional production, like free-range meat and local products.

The butchers are looking for an appropriate strategy to market sustainability. The goal of this project is to gain more insight into the perception of sustainability of consumers at the butcher shop, so butchers can encourage consumers to buy more sustainable meat products.

The characteristics that distinguish butchers in the eyes of consumers:

  • Customized solutions
  • The supply of products that are not available in the supermarket
  • Information about preparation and the story behind the products

That means that the butcher's personal message about sustainability is decisive for selling sustainable meat concepts. The high consumer confidence in the butcher can be used to transfer the story of animal welfare. Many customers see animal welfare as a precondition. Subsequently, butchers can distinguish themselves with other sustainability values such as natural ingredients and GMO-free feed.